W1901 - July 8th - 13th 2019

TUITION $599.00


TAX $14.95

TOTAL: $912.95

We offer an intensive introduction to Maya 3D: a professional 3D animation program, which lets you create digital models that can be manipulated to your heart's content, putting you in control of the lights, camera and action! G.I.F.T.S. students spend two days learning the program through a series of tutorials, as well as learning networking and image capturing skills. 

Next comes a round table brainstorming session, in which students and instructors discuss story ideas before deciding upon the final project. Our students then storyboard their ideas, breaking them down into scenes that are distributed among the group. Over the next day and a half, they create the characters and backgrounds of the scenes. Finally, the scenes are animated and edited together into the completed project.

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