W1903-W1906 -  July 22nd - Aug 17th 2019

Week one - Dramatic Film Production

Have you ever wanted to show Hollywood how you would make movies? Here's your chance. Our most popular course, the G.I.F.T.S. drama media intensive program takes you through each step necessary to produce an original 3-5 minute piece. Working in a group of 3-4, you'll start the course with a media literacy workshop, brainstorming and a scriptwriting session, where you'll learn how to format a script.

Once your script is ready, you'll learn the importance of storyboarding each shot and compiling a shot list, to ensure you are very prepared for the most important stage: the shoot. During the shoot, you have the opportunity to use the camera, direct, record sound and sometimes, act; acquiring both technical and creative skills. Once your production is "in the can," you move on to editing. Using G.I.F.T.S.' digital non-linear editing systems, you'll learn how to fit your scenes and sounds together in ways that you never thought possible.

Adult students may choose to continue their education in Dramatic Video production after completing the one week Media Intensive Program by enrolling in the two week Directors Intensive Program, taught by mentors from within the film industry.

Our mentors can point you in the right direction if you want to break into film and television. Most of our students end up in the industry. Many of our younger students return year after year for our spring and summer film camps. 

Week Two - Visual Effects and Animation

This course focuses on NEW MEDIA while teaching you the technical skills required to pursue various types of animation, and enhance video with digital effects. Students use computer graphics software, such as Adobe PhotoShop, AfterEffects, Flash and Premiere, as part of the media making process. Throughout the week, you will learn the process of making an animated video by engaging in workshops in media literacy, visual storytelling, storyboarding, elements of motion, compositing, rendering, and editing.

It will be revealed that the elements of motion - tempo, timing, acting, and anticipation - allow you to understand the methods of communication within time-based media. These basic communication skills are vital to any style of animation, whether it is clay, sand, 3D computer, drawings, cutout puppets, pixelation or web-based. We are consolidating these classic styles of animation into a completely new course. Drawing and computer skills will help you, but are definitely not required.

Week 3 and 4 - Directors

Our Directors program puts you in the Directors chair. Experience the thrills of writing, directing and editing your own short 10 minute film from script to screening. Gain valuable technical experience giving and getting direction from our industry mentors. You will also crew for other directors and they will crew for you. 

TUITION $1797.00


TAX $44.85

TOTAL: $2738.85

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