Evan Allen was going to go to a big expensive film school and was convinced not to. His uncle sent him to GIFTS and offered to pay for it. It was the best choice he ever made. After 4 courses over a month and no debt which he would have had from an expensive school he continued to make short films on his own. He put in one resume to a t.v. show called Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba and has never looked back.They hired him as a Production Assistant based on his on set experience from all the short films he created at GIFTS and on his own. After five years in the locations department he moved into the Props Department. He volunteered his first movie in props for two weeks. Over the years he worked as an On Set Props, Assistant Prop Master and then a Prop Master. From time to time he was an On Set Dresser and Film Security. All this while singing and recording a couple albums and singles with the band Yeah Whatever. Working in the industry he wrote his albums like soundtracks and provided about 27 songs to 5 different productions. He was offered work at GIFTS as a mentor over a couple summers teaching students what he had learned at the school and expanding on the original courses. In 2014 Evan Allen and Barbara Allen bought GIFTS from the original owner George Harris. Evan now runs the school while Producing, Writing feature films, directing short films, A Prop Master raising his son Hunter and enjoying life from Las Vegas, Vancouver and Galiano Island. 

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Just a a few movies Evan has worked on since 1999 

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