W1902- July 15th - 19th 2019
W1904 - July 29- Aug 3rd 2019

TUITION $599.00


TAX $14.95

TOTAL: $912.95

This course focuses on NEW MEDIA while teaching you the technical skills required to pursue various types of animation, and enhance video with digital effects. Students use computer graphics software, such as Adobe PhotoShop, AfterEffects, Flash and Premiere, as part of the media making process. Throughout the week, you will learn the process of making an animated video by engaging in workshops in media literacy, visual storytelling, storyboarding, elements of motion, compositing, rendering, and editing.

It will be revealed that the elements of motion - tempo, timing, acting, and anticipation - allow you to understand the methods of communication within time-based media. These basic communication skills are vital to any style of animation, whether it is clay, sand, 3D computer, drawings, cutout puppets, pixelation or web-based. We are consolidating these classic styles of animation into a completely new course. Drawing and computer skills will help you, but are definitely not required.

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